50 km/H Adrenaline

To discover the real beauty and the charm of Lisboa, be it by day or by night, you can´t skip one of the sightseeing tours by tram, funicular or lift. Wind your way through the hills of Lisbon and discover its most historic quarters, where people chat from their window ledges and clothes hang out to dry in the sun. The contrasts in this richly diverse city will amaze you.

  1. Santa Justa Lift

    From the top of this monument you can find bird´s-eye views of the old town.

    No visitor to the city should miss it, except those who suffer from vertigo, as you´ll feel like you´re literally standing above Lisbon.

  2. Glória Lift

    This tram lift connects the dowtown (Restauradores) to Bairro Alto (S. Pedro de Alcântara) and, besides being the busiest tram of Lisbon, it is also the most accessible to tourists since it is on the right side of the esplanade of S. Pedro de Alcantara, which has amazing views over the center of Lisbon and the Castelo de São Jorge.

    Since February 2002 it’s classified as a National Monument and it carries about 3 million people per year.

  3. Bica Lift

    Conecting the Calhariz (Rua de São Paulo) to Rua da Boavista, the Elevador da Bica is classified as a National Monument and it’s one of the tourist landmarks of the city of Lisbon.

    Opened in 1892, was designed by Raul Mesnier Ponsard in order to facilitate the day-to-day of people moving in the “city of the seven hills”.

    It carries 23 people, and only in 1914 did it start operating with electricity.

  4. Lavra Lift

    It is the oldest tram lift in Lisbon and it connects the Largo da Anunciada to the Travessa do Forno do Torel.

    Located in an area of amazing palaces, this tram travels through a hill that, near its top, has a garden – Jardim Miradouro do Torel, remnant of an ancient farmhouse of the eighteenth century, and the Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, an ample square with a leafy garden in the center, around which are aligned several buildings of remarkable architecture, such as the Faculty of Medicine and the Palace of the Patriarchate.

  5. Tram

    Being the most picturesque means of transportation of the city, the Trams stand out not only for the interesting paths they do but also because they’re used by Lisbon inhabitants daily for decades now.

    There are 5 tram routes, two of which are very interesting for the visitor: the 28 and 15 both go through the city center and have several stops along the historic center of Lisbon.

  6. Tram 28

    It’s perhaps Lisbon’s most popular activity: a ride back in time over the hills and medieval streets in vintage trams that are still part of the city’s public transportation network.

    They go past some of the major attractions in Lisbon.

  7. Tram 15-E

    The tram nº15 is perhaps less known because it is more modern, although it is essential to visit the Belém area, where you can find the Centro Cultural de Belém and the Discoveries monuments: the Belém tower, the Jerónimos monastery and the Padrão dos Descobrimentos Monument, as well as compelling and original pastéis de Belém (custard tarts).

    This tram departs from Cais do Sodré.