11 ways to see it

Lisbon’s beautifully scenic waterfront location in a series of hills seduces anyone into pausing for contemplation. It not only makes it a highly romantic city, but also a place that forces you to take things slowly.
While the most breathtaking views are from the castle, there are several terraces which stand as viewpoints where tourists and locals all gather for a break. They are an essential part of the Lisbon experience, and relaxing to take in the views at one of them is a must.
Many have kiosks serving refreshments, while others are simply the top of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Wherever you are in the city, there is a miradouro not very far away. These are the ten best:

  1. S.Pedro de Alcântara

    This shaded terrace on a hill directly across from the castle allows you to gaze down on all of downtown towards the river.
    It´s also one of the most romantic spots in the city.

  2. Portas do Sol

    Found not far from the castle, this terrace offers the best postcard views (and photo opportunities) of Lisbon.
    It overlooks the domes and rooftops of the city’s oldest historical district and the river.

  3. Graça

    This seems to be the favorite vantage point for artists to paint the city.

    With a kiosk café and views of the castle, it is also a popular meeting point, mixing locals and
    Senhora do Monte
    You can get a panorama of almost the entire city from here, but not too many people seem to know that.

    The only company you´ll likely have here is one or two young couples.

  4. Santa Luzia

    You can look over the terracota rooftops of Alfama and the river from this incredibly charming terrace, always filled with tourists snapping photos.

  5. Lift of Santa Justa

    From the top of this monument are bird´s-eye views of old town.

    No visitor to the city should miss it, except those who suffer from vertigo, as you´ll feel like you´re literally standing above Lisbon.

  6. Padrão dos Descobrimentos

    Lisbon´s most monumental architecture can be admired from the top of this monument, standing on the spot where Vasco da Gama left for his world-changing voyage to India.

    Be sure to look down to see visitors standing on the top of the world (a map on the pavement illustrating the routes of the Portuguese explorers).

  7. Most of São Vicente de Fora

    Very few people are aware of the fantastic city views from the rooftop of this monument.

    The domed National Pantheon stands right below it, and you can look out over Alfama to 25 de Abril Bridge.

  8. Eduardo VII Park

    All of downtown Lisbon built between two hills can be seen from the top of this sloping park. With a view of the castle and the river, this is a picture-perfect spot.

  9. Santa Catarina

    The port of Lisbon and the landmark 25 de Abril Bridge are seen from this terrace, where you can also sit and watch the cruise ships passing by.